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Wolf Friendly Site

The Spirit and underlying theme of Animal Nature is Connections.
We are all part of this place and time.
With hands and thoughts we reach out to one another.
When we connect, we have The power to create a better world.

             ~ A Guide to the Sacred Teaching  ~

Wolves have been long regarded by Native Americans as teachers or pathfinders.  Wolves are fiercely loyal to their mates, and have a strong sense of family while maintaining individualism.  In the stars, Wolf is represented by the Dog, Sirius, thought by many aboriginal tribes to be the home of the "Ancients".  It seems to be through this connection that
Wolf has come to be associated with ancient teachings.

Wolves are probably the most misunderstood of the wild animals.  Tales of cold bloodedness abound, in spite of their friendly, social and intelligent traits.  They are truly free spirits even though their packs are highly organized.  They seem to go out of their way to avoid a fight.  One is rarely necessary when a shift in posture, a growl, or a glance gets the point across quite readily.

Traditionally, someone with Wolf Medicine has a strong sense of self, and communicates well through subtle changes in voice inflection and body movements.  They often find new solutions to problems while providing stability and support that one normally associates with a family structure.
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