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We are truly coming into the realization of spirit.
This type of reading reveals the Animal Spirit that has the most influence over your current life.
Understanding the Energy of the Spiritual Creature which surrounds you will enable you to better
grasp why certain events cross your path and provide insight into how to deal with them as they arise
The Wolf and the Owl are my Animal Totem's
I have Three Animal Spirit Helper's!  Two Wolves and One Owl!
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Wolf Medicine
The Wolf brings the spirit of  "true" love. 
No longer are we bound by the spirits of Lust, and self gratification.

Wolf is the teacher, and the moon is it's ally.
Moon brings my
Psychic Energies into bloom
The howling at the moon is symbolic of Wolf's desire to bring forth the knowledge and wisdom that lie just below the surface of our being.

In the Great Star Nation, Wolf is represented by Sirius, the Dog Stars.

I am now at the place in my growth that I have obtained the Knowledge and Wisdom,
so that I may begin to Teach, and Instruct Other's
in the ways of the spirit.
OWL is another of my Animal Spirit Helpers
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My spirit is entering the process of renewal and I can now put together the pieces of all of the knowledge and wisdom I have attained in my journey, and prepare to carry them with me into the final phase of my existence.

Owl is often known as The Eagle of The Night

Through the eyes of Owl I am able to see things that have been hidden in the darkness.  My true abilities are now at their peak of existence.

I am now able to travel on the silent wings of Owl, and present myself to those who have feared my lessons.  Owl is the symbol of true wisdom and through him I am able to see the truth in all things, and am no longer deceived.  Owl also makes it impossible for me to speak things that are not true.  I can only speak in words of
True Wisdom.
My Owl gives me the power to see that which is hidden to the naked eye. His ability to see in the darkness reveals things which bring
Great Wisdom and Knowledge.
All my spirit helper's and I Welcome You
to discover and,
learn more about  your own Animal Totem!

Read on, to learn  and  receive more information about discovering and
learning about your own

To start growing in Power and Wisdom....
E-Mail your Date of Birth to You will recieve your Totem information reply  as soon as my busy schedule allows,
in the E-Mail that you sent the request from. 


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